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Elevate Your Team with Business and Interpersonal Skills

What is it?

A consultative, programmatic approach to evolving and expanding the business value that IT Organizations deliver. This is accomplished by developing both business and interpersonal skills in IT employees that enable them to become better business partners and trusted advisors.

What are the outcomes?

IT Organization participants that go through the IT Workforce Transformation Program are able to effectively partner with Line of Business stakeholders to achieve business outcomes through the application of new skills and techniques. Skills are developed that enable the participants to determine stakeholder needs, identify and measure the business value of a technology solution, and form strong, lasting relationships with business partners. The course will also prepare the participants for obtaining the Cisco Enterprise Business Specialist certification.

How Much Does it Cost?

Because it is a customized program in most cases and each client’s needs are somewhat different, MPI does not publish standardized pricing.

Actual costs can vary dramatically based on client needs, travel expenses, localization and language requirements and several other factors. Please contact us at for an estimated cost.

As an Authorized Cisco Business Learning Partner, MPI accepts Cisco Learning Credits as a payment method for this program and several other supplementary workforce development programs.

Partnering Approach

MPI believes strongly in partnering with world class companies to deliver optimum results for our clients. Contemporary, forward thinking workforce development and business transformation initiatives rely on a variety of capabilities. No one company can employee all the right resources for every client. MPI is proud to work hand in hand with leaders in training, value realization, business transformation and learning technology. We are absolutely committed to meeting customer needs and ensuring customer success regardless of any working or financial arrangement.

How to Get Started

To learn more about IT Workforce Transformation from MPI, or to schedule an initial no obligation consultation, email

Fund it Through the Cisco Customer Loyalty Program

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Upon approval and entry into the program, you begin earning Loyalty Points for your Cisco purchases.

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Pay for the IT Workforce Transformation Program with your Cisco Learning Credits.

MPI is an Authorized Cisco Business Learning Partner and accepts CLCs for approved BLP Programs including this one.


Change how IT is perceived…

Move from being perceived as:

  • A cost center
  • Support focused
  • Primarily Reactive
  • Speaking only a Technical language
  • Communicating mostly status alerts and updates
  • Internally focused
  • Resistant to change

To being known for:

  • Being a true business enabler
  • Having strong partnering skills
  • Being growth focused
  • Proactive
  • Speaking both Technical and Business Language
  • Communicating your Success and value
  • Internal and Customer Focus
  • Being agents of positive change