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Business Outcome Selling
For Commercial – 1 Day Programme

This 1 day skills workshop is designed to help Cisco partners drive growth in their mid-market commercial business by equipping their sales people with the skills and capabilities to implement the desired behaviours, processes and methodologies as defined in the Selling to Business Outcomes (SBO) course.  The emphasis is on how to apply these new skills and behaviours to identify prospective client business outcomes in new-name accounts, establish and develop a relationship to close business with the minimum timeframe.

The Customer and Partner Benefits

  • Total understanding of the Customers real requirements

  • Drives more opportunity to sell a full solution to meet the customer outcomes and business needs

  • Enhances the sales teams skills in asking the right questions, use of Outcome based benefits and opportunity to close more business

  • Builds customer loyalty ‘they really understand our business and what we need’

  • Objections are easier to manage as all is driven by the business outcomes

  • Creation of a programme aimed specifically at your business and built to cover your specific needs

By the end of this session participants will:

  • Understand the importance of planning and preparation in the Sales Process

  • Define what is meant by Business Outcomes and identify the potential  outcomes that differing customer roles might have

  • Demonstrate your ability to build effective rapport with your customer

  • Demonstrate how questioning techniques can be used to define the customers business outcomes and uncover the reasons why this outcome is so important to this customer

  • Create personalised benefit statements which are outcome focused based upon the information gathered from the customer

  • Demonstrate how to gain agreement using the customer outcome information gathered, and overcome any objections the customer may have

Programme Outline 

  • Welcome

  • The Sales Process

  • Planning & Preparation

  • The Approach

  • Understanding the Customer and their Business Outcomes

  • Providing Tailored Outcomes based Solutions

  • Handling Objections & Gaining Commitment

Who are MPI?

  • Working with Cisco since 2010

  • Created and delivering Cisco Distribution Sales Academy globally

  • Created and delivered a series of Partner Sales Programmes in EMEAR

  • Researched and defined recommendations for the Distribution Blueprint and Partner Blueprint

  • Developed the new IT Workforce Transformation Programme

  • Delivering the GROW Talent (Greater Return On Workforce) programme for Partners globally